Monday, April 28, 2014


Fun for today! Anelia is having a hard day but this morning let me hold her in my arms. Usually she pushes me away pretty quick and this time she just lay limp in my lap. JOY!! Second picture is Jericho without his two front teeth (he finally had the courage to yank!) Big brother Lucas walked with Anelia yesterday and it made me so prod to see a spark of connection. And the last picture is of me holding out my hands to Anelia and saying "come to Mama!" which I say A LOT - but this time she made some motion (just a twinge - but I'll take it) toward me!!

And then this afternoon was wonderful.  Marin (after crying for a while because I didn't have a set of keys for him) played imaginative play for a while outside.  Anyone who has adopted knows this is lacking in kids who grow up in orphanages.  I was so impressed!! I think because of our very rhythmic life our kids are feeling just a bit safe and maybe a twinge of secure.  We are VERY predictable with their lives.  AND we have very little stimulation and out of house time (at least right now).  After a sleepy morning with Anelia she spent the afternoon walking around and being helped up the ladder and down the slide - giggling on the down side.  She doesn't "want" to walk but I help her to go around and around.  That girl sat for too long!! Unfortunately she has textbook  pronation of her ankles (I thought she had funny feet) and we have to get her some Sure Step braces.  Then she will walk even better!  

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