Saturday, April 26, 2014


Marin is smart as a whip but he's totally illiterate. What would his future have been if we wouldn't have found each other? I shudder to think about it. He knows how to write to 100 and count them aloud but when I gave him the problem 29 + 1, he was stumped. He has no number sense poor kid, and a lace of confidence in his brain power. I've decided to take him back to the beginning and up his confidence in math, he will have enough struggles with English.
The first picture is of Jericho, Anelia, and Olive all sitting on one stair sucking their thumbs like Anelia. The next is Marin and Jericho with face paint- Marin a suave mustache and Jericho full face - face paint. You can see the budding nature of their friendship - Marin just isn't sure if Jericho is friend or foe. The next is Marin and his sweetie Olive, the are just sweet together, but you can almost see the "trauma" in Marin's eyes in this picture - I just don't know how else to describe it. As his mother I can see it.
The last is Anelia and Olive on the floor reading Braille - tactile books. I can finally give them to Anelia because for the first few days she chewed them. And she has big girl teeth!  My sweeties - oh how I LOVE them all! 

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