Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day three

again and again smiling and laughing. He loved it! For a child who NEVER learned to read or write Bulgarian (Yes - tis' true!) he worked on letter tracing sheets all morning and loved it. He traces perfectly and enjoys learning the letter sounds. He only had a few moments this morning where he struggled but I swept him into the "snuggle chair" and he whimpered for a bit (no tears) and then just relaxed. He loves to be held. After he is held he is so calm and plays for quite a bit (building with some cardboard things he got on the plane.) He can't wait to visit the park again and go in the car. He loves riding in the car! Even redirection (at this stage) is easy for him. He likes to take out a grapefruit, start eating it, and then have another fruit but I just tell him "you have to eat that first" and he at first looks at me as if to ascertain if I am really serious. "Neh Mama" he says but I just repeat what I said and he eats the rest of the grapefruit. He LOVES bananas and almost all fruit. He is really just a little love bug.
Nellie is still quite a mystery. She hasn't really giggled today but last night she actually played in the bath! She didn't want to get out - this after behavior in the hotel that made Nate believe the girl would never get washed! I can't wait to give her a nice long soak tonight. I tried something different with her today when she got upset. Usually when she has a "fit" (where she chews her hand, pulls her hair, moans, flaps around) I would just put her in a safe place and let her release but today I held her. I held her hand with the bad callous (from chewing) and held her on my lap while she released. At first she even hit me! But I kept holding and talking soothing love words to her and she just melted and relaxed and stayed on my lap after she was done. She hasn't chewed her hand again and seems much calmer. I'm not sure if I did the "right thing" but it felt right at the time. I'll just have to watch how the rest of the day goes.
What worries me about Nellie is when she sucks her thumb or rocks and goes very, very far away. It's scary to see how far she can "check out". After all that time being the "model" orphanage child (read:easy to ignore) I want my daughter here. I hope, with time, and lots of love, she will join us.


  1. Your mama heart is telling you JUST RIGHT, Kim. You are on the right track! Have you read The Connected Child? Read and practice all the Karyn Purvis you can get your hands on. :)

    1. YES!!! Susanna have you read Christie's blog: http://parentingthatheals.org/

      She is wonderful!! :)