Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day one narrative.....excuse the typos... :)

So it was a boring ride out to Veliko Tarnovo the Sunday day before gotcha day.  Dimo was the driver (like last time) and Danislava was the attendant.  She had worked in Ptown 2 different summers and was from a town not far from Veliko so she knew the area.  Dimo remembered how to get to the Arena HOtel.  There was a soccer match that night and they were blaring horrible metal music (Queen, AC/DC, soemthing else like that).  It ended before we went to bed.  Before bed, at 7:30, Danislava and I discussed questions I had for the orphanage directors because we had so little time to get in, get Marin and get out and along to Sofia.  Questions were:  who were his friends, did either ever have visiitors (no), were they allergic to anything or on meds (no), what helped to calm him down if he was aggitated, what were their waking up and going to sleep schedules (6:30am and 9:30pm for Marin, for Nellie 6:30 and a nap from 12:30-3:30 and then sleep 8ish (she put herself to sleep).  NOne of that works for us so i am bring back their sleep times and also cutting out Nellie's nap.

So the next morning i got up at 6pm, we left at 7:15.  THe hotel packed up bag lunches.  I could eat the apple and 2 slices of meat and cheese.  Then when we were in the car, Marin was nauseous and I didn't want to eat around him so I didn't eat again until supper that night.  Adrenaline can do that for me.  So we had to drive about an hour to get there, and I remember the route from the bus trips and Dimo has been to the orphanage twice before so he knows where it is (I have to think once for Benjamin/Svetozar at least).  So we get there, I drag presents in, we go in the same door, the same director is running it and the same social worker. THere is another new woman I never saw.  THey start looking thru the donations because they want to generate a receipt and log it all in officially.  So the woman i havent' met heads that up and i sit in the director's office as before when I first met marin and the couch is still not at all supportive and we discuss the questions that i had and get the answers I listed above.  Then i am given records that FNA will take and have translated.

FInally, after waiting at least half an hour, they bring in Marin with little warning and I see him walking towards the office and I think, "WOw, he has grown like a foot" and his hair is thicker.  He comes up to me and we hug and I kiss his head and we embrace a little and I also notice he seems to be limpoing or favoring his left leg (I think) and we get ready to leave (like "snap, that' it") and we leave and I think he is favoring his left leg but it's that he's running (he runs to the gate where the car is) and he has his pack full of stuff on his back and it's making him shift hiw weight sideways.  So we get to the car and we get in and take off.

Marin does get car sick, after about an hour he starts turning green.  I have trash bags with me that I put inflated balls that got donated in so i have one open and ready for him.  We stop once at a gas station. Then we stop again at the side of the road just for him.  Eventually though he throws up in a bag and gets some on the front of his sweatshirt (Minutemen sweatshirt).  We're still an hour from Sofia at this point so we stop two more times once at a gas station and once at thje side of the road.  Dimo never complains about stopping because he smokes (and he has a little boy so he gets it).

We continue on to Sofia and Dani has told Marin we are going to Sofia first before taking a plane (samonet) to America.  So when we get into the outskirts of Soifia, Dani tells him it's SOfia.  HE says, "Where?"  and she says, "All of it".  So he is feelign better in the car and we have to head straight over to Nelliie's house.  Dimo has directions from the house director and we do find it, but it takes a bit (it is hard to find).  We are in a rush so we meet the director outside and Marin gets to meet her and she thinks he is handsome and will make a great brother.  We head on into Nellie's house........

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