Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day one continued....

So we arrive at Nellie's place and the director comes outside, we shake hands, she meets Marin.

WE go in side and i forget the camera and go bakc and get it and I am nervous.  We go in and walk up to the top floor and Nellie is sitting on the floor in her Ernie jump suit and I snuggle her and Marin comes over and sits next to her.  Dani takes a photo or two and then gets a phone call.  Meelen (the boy with downs syndrome) comes over to me and wants to interact, I give him a hug and then one of the staff members redirects him.  Marin and I give the director the candies.  THen Marin and I go back to snuggling Nellie and then Dani says we have to go NOW because we are the last appointment of the day for the immigration people and have to do it now.  So we say "Ciao" and rush out with Dani asking questions of the director as we take the elevator down.  We jump in Dimo's car and Nellie is upset at first.  She is sitting on my lap and calms down.  We get to the immigration office and go in.  IT's 8 million degrees in there and there are 9 million people in it, many look like Syrians.  We go to a booth thing for a photo.  Marin goes first.  He is helped by another FNA woman (I forget who).  I and Dani and Nellie go outside so we don't bake. in 5 minutes Marin comes out for us.  We go in, Nellie sits on me to get the photo done.  It's not happening and the FNA woman has her sit on her since the photographer can give her info in Bulgarian rather than translating it too late to me.  Within 5 minutes the photos are done.  WE go outside, Dani tells me more photos are needed for the medical report, and those will happen Thursday.  We get in the car, Nellie is imploding, we get to the hotel (it is only a few blocks away) and Dani helps bring in the luggage and we collapse in the hotel room.  It has been a long day.
I am exhausted, we are hungry, we have water and olives and a cucumber.

 I feel frazzled.  The rest of that day is kind of a blur.  We had to go downstairs to go to the ProMarket for juice and Nellie imploded.  We had to go to the Restaurant for a menu and Nellie made it half way there without imploding.  We had to go back to order and Nellie made it to the basement (where I met another AAC mom).  In the end I got to learn about the foods the kids liked (goulash was good, so was white cheese and tomatoes - more complex dishes not so much).  Nellie went to bed after a wash up and teeth brushing about 8.  Marin was tired and went out about 8:30.  Now the second night it is 10 and NEllie is still awake.  Making raspberry noises.

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