Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day one and two

I wish I could show you pictures of what I'm about to say but I haven't had the time to take any (gasp!!).  Yesterday was wonderful but hard.  Marin was on overload, dismantling the house and crying MAMA! every 3 minutes (which was nice for the first hour or so.....).  He couldn't let me out of his site which made it impossible for me to have a moment to process all these emotions running in my head and heart.  Anelia was exploring our toy area, playing the piano, and eating.  Yesterday was calm for her while today started with one of her "fits" (I don't like that word but it describes it) where she crews her hand and howls.  I noticed no tears flow and I'm starting to wonder about ear infections or pressure in her eyes and I can't wait for our doctors appointments in about a week.  She squirms her body when she howls like she is in pain and not just in frustration and as quickly as the fits start, they end just as quick.  A mystery for sure.
It saddens me as her mom that NO ONE helped her to speak or spend time walking.  She doesn't have a gait...a swish of one leg and than the other, she clop...clops along with her toes pointed out.  I had her walk with me around the yard and did some "trampoline therapy" with her.  I lightly bounced with her (to help stretch her legs) and then alternated my feet pushing on the elastic to help her do the same for hers.  Her legs are cold most of the time from being unused!  I've never felt cold thighs but hers are.  We gave her a bath last night and she sat rigid in the tub.  She seems to enjoy the warm water (and Olive's company) but couldn't relax her muscles.  She did giggle yesterday when she pulled herself up on the kid's table and "airplaned" her body.  She had fun at the piano and piling into the bed with her siblings.  Today she is rocking a lot which could also be the result of jet lag or that last night she was up for a while making her "sonic raspberries" as I call them.  I am enjoying getting to know her.
After Marin's very "hyper" type behavior yesterday today is much better but he does look spent.  He snuggled in bed with us last night and it cured his "pee" problem because he wasn't scared.  He spent time on Mama and Papa's lap this morning getting some holding time and just relaxed into it and it made ALL the difference.  He was calm after.  He helped me make a salad and hummus (he LOVES to cook!).  He is a huge helper and Nate took him to the dump and recycling center alone (he's been begging to go in the car) and he was so helpful!  He came home all smiles!  He likes to ask (in Bulgarian) "am I helpful Mama?" and when I say "yes" he bursts out with "Bravo Marin!!"  He loves to jump on the trampoline and needs lots of help with basic behavior.  How not to throw the dog ball at his sisters head, or the house for instance.  He is so very young in so many ways and that is fine with long as we remember it.   Later we are taking them to a local park, which is usually deserted (hopefully) and our small local library.  We still plan on sticking close to home but some small trips we might attempt (only when hubby is with me though!)

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