Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Fundage

When Kim and I decided to go forward with this adoption, I really had no clue where $30,000 for it would come from.  We had fundraising ideas, and figured some people would help with what they could, but $30,000 is some serious cabbage.  A Mr. McGregor's garden-full of cabbage.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

 There were many adventures along the fundraising way.  There were online auctions, in person auctions, yard sales. Small donations, big donations, mind boggling donations. A few grant applications, fewer grants.  And many items sold on eBay and Amazon.

A street scene in Veliko Tarnovo

There were improv troupes , churches, and church cafes involved.  Friends, relatives, complete strangers, and acquaintances have all been a part of it.

This is on the end wall of Marin's orphanage.

That's not to say that the fundraising is done.  Not completely done that is.

Yellow Bricks of Sofia

However, I am pleased to announce that of the original $30,000 we set out to raise, $29,350.72 is already in (and most of it already spent).

I got to wear these slippers at Nellie's house - very butch.

I thought, and many people agreed, that adopting these two children and having faith that the money would somehow appear to make it all happen was crazy.

$30,000?  A bargain at twice the price!
But one look at these two kids and you know, you just know, that sometimes crazy is the only sane choice that you have.

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