Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Olive Ann

She's pint sized and cute.  She loves to kiss, make art, and bake.  She can crack an egg and not get any shells in the mix.

She's our Olive Ann!

And yes, by the end, my brand new (made) gluten free playdough was in her mix.  As well as the puffy paint I made and the colored (GF) pasta.  Olive is a gambler with her art.  It's all or nothing.  :)

A very visual post to make up for the fact I HAVE NO NEWS!!!  There is a bit of a snafoo in Bulgaria - the Vice Minister of Justice signed all the dossiers (the paperwork) and the judges (who give us a court date and make the kids legally ours) don't like the change in protocol.  I've been told "they are working it out".  Let's hope that is a short process.  Please pray and pray and pray for us.  We are praying HARD here because we were hoping the kids would be home by March.  I want to hug and kiss them!!

Pray please and keep praying.  They have been waiting too long.

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  1. Your Olive is just so very cute! Praying with you for your babies to come home soon!!!