Monday, February 24, 2014

Listening to God and COURT DATE!!

God has had his hands all over this adoption right from the beginning.

Nate and I knew we were always called to adopt.  Everyone seems to have a similar story.  Then we watched Bulgaria's Abandoned Children and knew that we were wasting time.  Time that children spent in orphanages or aged out without ever having a family.

But we didn't have the money.

The day we were sure God was calling us was on a Saturday.  We were in Mass and it was a few weeks before Christmas. The priest laid out all the Giving Tree donations that had been made by members of the congregation.  In my head I did the math.  Those donations totaled over $15,000 and were gathered in a week.  God was telling me that people care.  We were all ears.

I started sending Nate pictures of children listed on Reece's Rainbow.  He was non-plussed.  They were cute but none were ours.

As I lay down that night to nurse Olive God spoke (yes he SPEAKS to me even if I'm a bit daft) "you will adopt a little girl older than Olive but younger than Jericho".  Ummmm.....Okay dokay God whatever you say......

The next day the first child listed on Reeces' Rainbow's new listed children site was our Nellie.  Nate had no reservations - "that's our girl!" was all he said.

Then again, when we had raised about $20,000 and I really wanted to fret about the last $10,000 we had to raise God wouldn't let me.  He would soothe my anxiety every time telling me that our grants that we had applied for would provide it.  "But God, if only you would listen to ME you would SEE that we need more money!!"  HA!  Two of the grants came in and we were almost fully funded.  (Except for those pesky post placement fees - we didn't gather donations for those!! Bad move.  Whoops!)

And then the court date.  Last Friday every last waiting family on our agency's Facebook group got their court dates.  But not us.  I fretted, I fumed, and he soothed me with a message - our court date would be March 4th.  Ummmm....okay..dokay.....

And today - TODAY we have our court date!!

March 4th.

The day Nellie and Marin will become our legal children.

When will I learn!

Listen up people - he is speaking!!!

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