Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Generosity on Top of Generosity

On the first trip to Bulgaria, I took many pairs of socks that people donated to give to the orphanage that Marin is in.  I was given this official document as a receipt and to show that I'd given them to the orphanage - or maybe to show that they'd received them - well, it says something anyway.

Official Bulgarian Document

The point is, many people were generous and the socks were well received and I'm sure the kids can use them.  Especially now in the winter.

Pretty sure this is from the Ministry of Very Important Grains

Already for the next trip a friend has bought SmartWool socks for the kids in the orphanage AND she has knitted and felted a hat for each child who is left in Marin's orphanage.  Each one.  She even searched online for an idea of what typical hats in Bulgaria look like and made her  hats to match.  That is a serious amount of work and a healthy dose of generosity - it's really above and beyond the call.

Yes, it has been snowing.........

There have been many cases of this crazy level of generosity during this whole effort to raise funds to adopt Nellie and Marin and work our way through the process of adoption.  The community around us (virtual and the "real for sure" one as Raggedy Ann would call it) has been very supportive and the generosity still amazes me.

While playing in the snow (Jericho, Olive & I were tracking Gaelan),
 Gaelan found where a squirrel had dug up its nut cache.
Close up of the nut cache - only one acorn was left  behind as evidence.
 When I began writing this post I was going to whine at this point about how the process in Bulgaria was stuck due to a technicality and some judges who keep putting on their grumpy pants day after day, but then another technicality just happened to happen in the Ministry of Justice and it all cleared up.

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions,  but I am happy to
note that the road to Amherst, Massachusetts is just paved with snow.
It has been like that this whole process - we wanted to do this, we thought we were nuts - other people thought we were nuts but supported  us - someone knits 30 some-odd hats - you can see a pattern forming.  So I just keep being grateful for friends and family who support us and strangers who support us and Bulgarian bureaucrats who make things happen to bring these kids home and even 12 degree weather and more snow.  After all it is all part of the there and back again of getting Nellie and Marin home.

I met this dwarf on his way to the Misty Mountains........

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