Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Update with no update

Waiting and waiting and waiting some more is the update I have for you today.  We haven't heard back officially (because of the holiday) but we believe that our full dossier is "officially" submitted in Bulgaria.  That means that it will be picked up by a judge and we will be given a court date.  When that court date comes Nellie and Marin will be officially OURS.


Then Nate will be invited to travel.

If you know me you know I already have his suitcase in our bedroom.  It's filled with Smartwool socks and hats a friend of ours knit and bought.  There are boots for Marin, a tactile set of objects for Nellie, a Braille book, and a manual food grinder for helping Nellie eat in country.  I wish I could stick my little ole' self in there too - but then I would have to pack my baby girl and my attached boy.  Nate will be going alone (and feels very confident in his abilities).

I am confident in his abilities but grieving.  So I'll post again when we have a bit of news or I remember to take pictures of how we are putting Braille everywhere in our house.  Or when I score Nellie a cute pair of shoes on Ebay.  Or the progress on the two sweaters and two hats I am knitting.

These are the things I do to keep myself sane in the waiting.  It's working a bit. :)

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