Friday, January 10, 2014

Making Braille as common as print in our house

We want Nellie to grow up in a Braille-rich environment just like our sighted kids grew up in a print-rich environment.  Think about it:  sighted kids see the cereal box, the newspaper, the logo on a shirt ...  Nellie needs the same chance to develop those elusive "pre-reading" skills.

So we have started making Braille labels for objects in our house.

Very dirty door.

 It's taking a bit more time to bring Braille to our house.  Someday I hope to buy a Perkin's Braillewriter to do the job quicker.
Nellie's canes next to her bed.  My Raggedy Ann from childhood.  I can't believe that someday soon there will be a little girl laying in this bed!! (Swoooooooon!)
Our dossier has been officially re-submitted back to the Ministry of Justice.  Now we just wait for her/his signature and then it goes on to the courts to be assigned a judge.  Waiting...waiting...

Now was NOT the time to give up sugar but I did and I feel so much better (except for the sugar and chocolate cravings). I've gotten back on my treadmill and have been lifting hand weights.  I want to be strong and fit when the kids come (and for myself....)!  It is the only thing I feel I have a bit of control over so I'm going with it.

OK enough whining, I've got Braille labels to make!


  1. After using our braille labeler to add labels to our photo book this summer, my hand was cramping! Totally worth it though! Love the labels around your house!

    1. Thank you Alyssa!! My sweet friend just bought me a Braille label maker - I was using a tiny slate and making each letter by hand! Now I can really crank em' out!

  2. Hi friend! Noticed something in this post while catching up a bit here and wondering whether Nellie still sleeps in a crib in the orphanage?

    1. Hello friend!!
      Nellie sleeps in a bed and has been known to snuggle into the beds of others. We are going to try her out in our bed at first if she will tolerate it. If not she has this bed which now has two bed rails on either side.
      Hope you are well!