Friday, January 3, 2014

Does God provide?

Does God want his children in families?

Marin playing with the fake Lego Nate bought him in B.

Nellie with her piano in B.
While we wait on the tail end of this amazing journey I will ask you all to pray.  

I know that Blessed Mother Mary visits these two before they fall asleep and tells them they are loved.  I ask you to pray that they truly hear her.  I ask you to pray that their hearts will be open and receptive to our love and that our hearts will be open to take in their hurt, pain, and grief and NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  

Please pray that our dossier is quickly moved from one hand to the other and that we receive a court date as soon as possible.  

Pray that the last few dollars in funding is provided.  He has provided $28,500 (through generous donors and grants) and I have no doubt he will provide the last bits to have these two come home to a family.

I have made a promise to myself to update this blog (at least) weekly after the children come home.  I would like to put a face on the TRUE adoption experience.  Not just the journey to get them but what happens after and the struggles to help them heal (and to expand my heart and lean on God). 

And be a testament to the power of HIM to heal all wounds.

So does God provide? 

If I die to myself and lean on him he provides me with everything. 

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