Monday, June 24, 2013

Tactile on a hot day.

Just a couple of cute pictures to show our tactile fun.  Cornstarch and water in a painting tray.  Worth every penny of the $1 for the starch.

I wish I had a picture for what they look like after they play.  It's a mess.  But so easy to clean up.  I suggest letting it dry and then vacuum or sweep it up.  Easy-peasy.

Nellie will need lots of tactile play to begin to learn braille.  We're getting ready.

And a smelling box for the Nellster.  Olive loves this.  Lemon, peppermint, cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, clary sage, and lavender.  A mixture of kitchen extracts and spices and essential oils.  All on a couple of cotton balls (so the smeller won't get it up their nostrils).

Feel free to come over and clean up.  Or call USCIS and tell them to hurry up.  I hate limbo.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Real to Reel

We were featured on the Archdiocese of Springfield's TV program Real to Reel this past weekend.

If you can't see it hear you can check it out on their YouTube channel.

Fingerprints and More Fingerprints

We made our way to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office in East Hartford, CT, last Friday.............and forgot to take a picture of the outside of it for this post (clear signage on the door let  us know we could not take pictures inside of the building.....or drink....or eat......or even THINK about using a cell phone tough-guy................).

But we did get our fancy electronic fingerprints all squared away with the fine people at USCIS, and now they will find out that we are not criminals, just as the state criminal background checks for both of us could have told them (in alphabetical order:  Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington).
It's easier to catch a hummingbird than get
our FBI fingerprint approvals.........
Nate's prints have cleared the other FBI background check (other because although these fancy electronic fingerprints were done for the USCIS, the FBI is the one that actually checks them - for the second time....just to be sure........).  Kim's second round of prints are still in FBI limbo, waiting in West Virginia to be looked at.  I was told today that they began opening the mail they got on May 5th, while they didn't get Kim's second round of prints  until May 9th.  So we are still waiting on that to clear, and still waiting for our USCIS file to get a caseworker - at least the prints are out of the way.

Keep us and these bureaucratic processes in your prayers and go catch some hummingbirds!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy dance!!

Whooo hooooooo!  We got our appointment for our Biometrics USCIS (immigration/Homeland Security) fingerprinting.  Happy dance!!

Insert picture of me smiling :)