Sunday, December 15, 2013

A few things....

I told myself that when I started blogging about our adoption process I wouldn't be one of those bloggers who stopped blogging when they children came home.  I think it is important for others to see how adoption works through the entire drama, not just until the kids come home.  Because in reality, this is just the start of any adoption.

So I'm trying to get back on the horse.  Since I've posted last, we've had our visa interview (in Bulgaria - our agency there attended) and were granted our article 5.  What that is I do not know - I just know we need that.  Now our dossier should change a few hands for about a month until we receive a court date.  The exciting news is  - when that happens and we have court - there will be two more Schildbachs.  Praise the Lord.

In the meantime we celebrated a lovely boy turning 7!!

We attended the annual Merry Maple.

And one sweet little girl turned two.  She got a box violin for her birthday among other gifts (which she proceeded to throw under the table when it wouldn't produce any sound).

The sparkly shoes and the berry cake more than made up for that.

Nate likens this part of the adoption process to having given birth but the baby being in an incubator - where life is a bit in limbo - while you wait to hold him or her.  I feel in limbo.  Very thankful for my healthy and happy brood but feeling like just a little part of my heart is missing.  Kids should be home sometime near February or March and I can't wait.  Life will be fuller and busier but so much sweeter.  And life is pretty sweet as it is.

Thanks for hanging in with us!