Monday, November 18, 2013

The Gates

These are the front gates to Marin's orphanage. Every morning when Nate visited he waited patiently for Nate at these gates and soon he will walk through them one last time when we pick him up. 

I'm glad I have the holidays to distract me (it helps a bit).  That special day can't come soon enough!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Next steps

Nate did get back safe and sound from Bulgaria (with a couple extra pounds of Bulgarian Feta in his system).  He cried after leaving Nellie waiting for his taxi outside her orphanage.  It was hard to leave them both.  He came home very determined to get them home as soon as possible (and we joined him in that quest!)

St. Nicholas.  Patron saint of children.  Nate got this icon for us in B.

Next steps.

We have filled out the I 800 form for the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.  And like a Greek chorus we proclaim in unison (and on key)  "and we WAIT!"  This will be quite a long one.

We've sent in our new set of prints for the FBI to scan again for all three adults in our household.

We've signed documents for our adoption agency, had them notarized and apostilled.

We have a call in to our doctors office so that we can arrive with a mobile notary to have one last document signed.

When all those things are in the hands of our Bulgarian agency they will ask a judge for a court date, represent us in court, and our sweet Nellie and Marin will become OURS!!

Then we will go and get them and bring them home.  When they set foot in the US they will be citizens.

Nate has taken on a second consulting job (in addition to his main job and his first consulting job) to pay for our last fees and travel expenses.  We are selling books and other items on Amazon and Ebay.  The second trip has been lengthened a bit (due to more extensive TB testing for the children) and we need to raise a bit more.  It will come.  God wants his children in families.

These are pictures we had to include in our dossier.  I also used these in Marin and Nellie's photo books I gave them.  Marin was very excited to see them.  Nellie enjoyed the embellishments I put on them.  You can see more about how I made their "love books" here:

While we play the waiting game we are very busy getting ready to be a family of 8 (swooon!)  I am gathering recipes to feed our freezer, I am getting rid of any recipes in our folder that are not easy to make and easy to double (or triple!)

I'm back on the treadmill daily and using weights.  I need my body strong.

Clothing is being organized.  Tactile toys are being found (in our house or at our dump's free table).

If anyone feels led to help us this last bit of the way we would appreciate it.  Any extra raised (that we don't use for travel) will be saved for medical expenses or adaptive equipment in our "Nellie" account.

If you would like to send a check donation directly to our non profit agency:

About A Child Adoption Agency
479 Tiller Ln.
Redwood City, CA 94065

If you include a note (not in the memo space) telling them it is for "The Schildbach's adoption" and your email/snail mail address they will send a receipt.

Your prayers are also appreciated!!

We are on the last leg of this journey and it's been an amazing ride.  Thank you all!