Sunday, October 20, 2013

What we did while Nate left to go to Bulgaria

We went to the  Zoo and missed him so much!

The emus attacked the guinea keet, then the tom turkey attacked the emus and then the emus attacked the turkey.  Then they ran the gate and tried to peck my camera.

 This is what we call the "Nate face".  Just for our Papa! :)

If you want to be included in the "private photo group" we have started on Facebook you can friend me here:  and tell me you would like to be included.

And if you are following along and can contribute to help us reach our final goal we have about $4000 left to go to be fully funded (anything above that will go towards medical expenses and adaptive equipment). 
Thank you very much!!


  1. So warming to read Nate's post. Just shared it with Mia, she is so excited to welcome two more cousins to the family.