Monday, October 28, 2013

Update from Saturday

Saturday Nellie was like a cat (kotka), she liked to do what she wanted to do, and if I did what she wanted me to do, then she didn't take out her figurative claws. Today, she played at being a frog (zhabata) - at first she was quite grumpy, wanting to stay in her "safety chair" and suppressing any laugh I tried to get out of her from tickling. She had taken a bath, and the caregiver we met yesterday told me that she DOES NOT like taking a bath. So, she was pretty non-plussed with my existence until I took her out of her chair.

She did her typical LeBron James move and when she did, I noticed she pulled her legs up like a frog, so I decided to make her "hop". I picked her up and made a silly "hopping" sound and she started to laugh hysterically. She couldn't get enough of it. She got upset when I started getting tired of doing it (she is not a featherweight). She also spent time crawling and getting into and out of chairs. She even sat in a chair facing forward, and then turned herself around in it so she could face backwards, without any help. I tried to put her back in her "safety seat" and she would have none of it - she tried to climb out (and I'm pretty sure she could have - whatever she puts her mind to she seems to do).

She also likes being held on my hip, being carried like a baby, playing "Peas Porridge Hot", "Ride a Cockhorse to Banbury Cross" and "Trot Trot to Boston". She couldn't get enough. She took a little break to eat lunch and then she decided to crawl around some more and climb around on the chairs and play with them. She was not happy to go back in the chair when I left, and hardly seems like a docile, fragile child who needs to be coddled and likes to sit and rock herself in her chair.

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