Monday, October 28, 2013

Day Four with Nellie

So today after exchanging some US dollars for Bulgarian Lev at a bank (and after they ran my US bills through a machine to make sure they weren't counterfeit and informed me on a form that they are on the outlook for money laundering activities), I went to see Nellie.  I met the Director, Teacher, and Social Worker for her house.  The teacher did inform me that at the Sofia Braille School that Nellie attends they have been working with her on orientation and movement, hence her desire and ability to move about and orient herself.

The teacher went with us to get Nellie’s passport picture taken.  It was a long process, which began with us hanging out in the house with Nellie for an hour until they found the closest shop to get the picture taken at that was open, and then about half an hour of waiting for the taxi to show up.

Nellie is not good with change, she had to get used to traveling in the taxi, and then we had to get out of the taxi and go into the photo shop for the picture.   Nellie was upset at being in this situation, and the picture has to meet specific standards for the passport.  The photographer seemed unable to have the camera in hand when Nellie was in a good position for the photo, so 20 minutes later the photos were done, and then 20 minutes of Nellie and the teacher and I hanging out in a park across the street, we had prints and a disc of them.  Then back home, but the trip was easier for her, and she was glad to get back to her home. 

I hung out with her for another hour and a half, she was tired out from the day and because time “fell back” here this past weekend, and it just got her (and the other people in the house) out of whack.  She spent the time with me climbing around on a stool and a chair and exploring the living room of the house by walking and feeling her way around the room.

Tomorrow is the last day of visits and I fly out Wednesday EARLY and return at the end of the same day.  It will be hard to say “goodbye” to Nellie, but I cannot wait to see my wife and kids.

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