Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nate Is Now In Bulgaria - First Visit with Marin is Tomorrow (10/21/)

Keying off the IP addresss I'm using, Google has decided to translate parts of the Blogger site into Bulgarian.  Fortunately I remember what most buttons and links do without having to read them......

So yes, I (Nate) am in Bulgaria in the town of Veliko Tsarnovo, which is the closest town with hotels to the town where Marin is living.  The attendant for the adoption agency in Bulgaria informed me that his name is pronounced "MAH-r̃een", with the accent on the first syllable.  We have been pronouncing Anelia's name correctly - "Ah-NELL-ee-a" - but also mispronouncing the capital Sofia ("SOH-fyuh" is correct).

Tomorrow I will get to take a bust to the village where Marin is and meet him for the first time.  I am really excited, and I am forcing myself to stay awake until 9pm tonight so I can switch to this time zone and get the most from my time with Marin and Nellie.

If you want to see new photos and keep up to date on this trip and how it goes with these beautiful children friend Kimberly on Facebook ( if you haven't already and then ask to be added to the group.

Thanks again to everyone for their support!

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