Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Days 2 and 3 with Marin

Day 2 was largely spent with Marin using my camera (besides some playing Frisbee and him taking pictures of me playing Frisbee with another child at the orphanage) and since I can’t post any pictures here for legal reasons, I can sum up the day by saying that Marin greeted me at the orphanage gate and gave me a big hug, he had been waiting for me.

We went inside and I gave him three coloring books, one with English/Bulgarian words that I picked up at the grocery store on the first day, and then two we got in the US – one on horses, the other on animals in the woods (similar to where we live).  He colored one horse picture and then wanted to go outside, where some playing and much picture taking commenced.  At the end of the day we hugged and I turned as I was walking away out the gate and he turned and waved and shouted, “Ciao!”, which is a typical Bulgarian way of saying “Goodbye”.

After getting the disappointing news from Kim that a metal relief head of Josef Stalin was NOT something she wanted me to purchase (I know - an opportunity I may never have again), I had breakfast and went to get the bus to Marin’s orphanage.  It was market day, so the bus got jam-packed two stops before ours where the market is  and made for an energetic ride.  When we got to the orphanage we were informed that the driver for the orphanage would take us along with Marin and a social worker to get his picture taken in a nearby town for his US passport (cool beans!). 

So we went and his picture was taken and we would have liked to have the printed copies right away, but the photographer insisted he was too busy due to market day, so the director is going to have the driver go back tomorrow to get them. On a positive note, Marin was glad he didn’t get sick on the ride (I forgot that the director said he has motion sickness – I probably wouldn’t have sat so close to him in the car if I had…..).

We took the ride back to the orphanage and Marin got his coloring book to show me the picture he colored after I left yesterday and to color another one.  I gave him a couple pads of drawing paper and some more pens and he drew a picture of our house, that he said he would give to me to take back to the family.  After the coloring was done, Marin went to eat lunch with the other kids and I went outside with my attendant.  

I went to take pictures of the mural on the side of the orphanage and then he showed up (he eats fast).  He wanted me to follow him around while he took pictures of different places in the yard and then while he followed me around taking pictures of me.  I was looking at the once-upon-a-Soviet-era-time swimming pool (now more like an untended fish pond) and the structure next to it which had four narrow rooms in it with toilets and sinks in each (changing area/restrooms for the pool? – a little far from the main house to use regularly as restrooms).  I did get some pictures of him in these as well.  

We kicked the basketball (there’s no basketball court) back and forth as well for a time, and then the other kids in the orphanage came home from school and he wanted to go speak to them.  After that he got his Frisbee and we tossed that around with another girl at the orphanage until I had to leave to catch the bus back.  Marin likes to throw low to me and the girl so we can’t catch it, and then gloat because we didn’t.  So I started throwing the Frisbee into the ground and saying, “How come you didn’t get that?” which made him laugh hysterically.  So basically about ¾ of the time was spent with all of us making throws no one could catch and then goofing on the person that they didn’t catch it.  I also did give him his Red Sox hat and a (UMass) Minuteman sweatshirt.

Kim and I are talking about leaving something behind for the kids for Xmas (since shipping something to them is out of the question) and also got the ok (“dobre” as the Bulgarians say) to send him letters until we can come pick him up. 

Tomorrow morning before going to see Marin, S******** (my attendant/translator) and I have to go to the bus station (not the bus to Marin’s orphanage bus station – it’s a different one) to get tickets to Sofia for Friday for my first meeting with Anelia.  This next part of the journey is coming up fast!  I’ll post again tomorrow.

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