Thursday, September 12, 2013


The weather here is blah, we are still waiting on our travel dates (hopefully next week! Don't I say that all the time?), Olive is waking up more at night....grumble, grumble....complain, complain.  

I bet you're happy I chose this day to update our blog right? :)

How about some pictures so you know we are still alive?

World's largest fruit salad:


Clay work:

Some rain:

Some rainy video game play:

And then there was the newspaper issue based on the boys' stuffed animal world "Gibbonville".  Bert got passed over for the presidency and then many started eating bananas to celebrate Gibbon's reelection.  You can see how Bert feels about that here:

It's nice to know even though I am feeling very blah stuff has been going on.  Now for travel dates.  Next week I'm sure!! :)

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