Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer, Financial Update, Travel, Bulgarian Politics

As  you may have read, when we needed $2500 for my (Nate's) upcoming trip to Bulgaria, one donor stepped forward with the whole she-bang - it is amazing and wonderful that someone would do this.  We have truly been blessed by everyone's generosity for this adoption process.  We still have more fundraising to do, and selling of donated materials on Ebay and Amazon continues, as does our puzzle fundraiser (buy a puzzle piece - go ahead, splurge..... ;-) )

We have thus far raised $18,724.10.  It looks like for another $10,000 we will be all set for our last fees and final trip - hence the ongoing fund raising.  We are set with our fees through the first trip and I plan on living on shopska salad and water on my trip to Bulgaria, so maybe I can even come in under the $2500 and put that towards the next round of fees - that's my hope anyway.

Our dossier is complete, we have our I800a approved (which means they gave us an I797c, I think), we have travel funds for our first trip.  Now if the citizens of Bulgaria could stop throwing tomatoes at their MPs, holding coffee drinking rallies, and protesting at the beach long enough for their Minister of Justice to approve our paperwork, I could get over there and finally meet these kiddos and keep the process moving.  The Bulgarians can go back to protesting right after that - they can fill the Black Sea with tea for all I care (obviously without milk or sugar), I just need some paperwork signed.  

Our time here is not all sucked up with fund raising or planning for what to do once Nellie and Marin are here - we like to swim, and when we do, we are sure to make a reference to this Far Side comic strip:

So if  you see a family swimming in Western Massachusetts and saying "Bear! Bear!" and laughing, now you know why.  We also got to go check out the Holyoke Blue Sox (local New England Collegiate Baseball League team who have been uber supportive of us) and it was (be ready to be jealous) Big Red (their mascot) BOBBLE HEAD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need I say more?

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we keep working to bring these kiddos home!!!

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