Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day in the life Thursday

The Goldfinches are congregating on the feeder.  Time to make their winter nests.  I am yearning for fall.

Jericho spent a fair amount of time this morning buried under a mountain of magazines I got from the library yesterday.  Ranger Rick, Cricket, Ladybug, and Click.  Maybe it is time to revisit the idea of a magazine subscription for him.  I think he would love Dig.

After several failed attempts Jericho and I started making a new batch of rock candy lollies.  Peppermint and lemon without the coloring.  I like the colored ones better but hate thinking of the kids eating them.  I remember eating these on a string as a kid.

Our dining room table at some point.  Jericho wanted to do a page or two of writing after hearing me talk about my interest in calligraphy.  He assured me he doesn't want to do calligraphy telling me "stop telling me about cal-a-gippy".   Gaelan and I did half an exercise of Editor in Chief, which we find fun.
Lucas finishing up all our windows.  Getting a jump on winter weather.

Jericho and Olive did some watercolors and then wanted more "hands on" fun.  Cornstarch and water.  It got ugly a few seconds after this picture was taken.
 Which is why I might have been inspired to grab one of my husband's few t shirts and write this on it.
I called and told him about it and he said "I don't get it."  Maybe you needed a 30 minute clean up of cornstarch goo off your floor to really appreciate the humor.


  1. I've been following your story from the start - hoping and praying that all is well since this last update.

    1. Kate, I'm updating the blog right now!! Sorry I have been gone so long :) Thank you for praying!!