Saturday, July 27, 2013

Please pray!

Well it's off.

Our whole and completed dossier (the package of papers we've been fingerprinted for, given our financial and health records for, our completed home study, marriage licence, HIV status etc.  all which had to be notarized and apostilled).   Seven months worth of work.  Lots of fees, lots of prayer.

It's off to Bulgarian to be translated and authenticated.

The Bulgarian government is in transition.  The meeting we need to approve our papers happened last week (after NOT happening for 3 months) and since they didn't get through all the already authenticated dossiers they are having another one on Thursday.  Our dossier may or may not be ready on time.

I need your prayers!

Please pray that they authenticate and translated our dossier in record time.  Please pray the officials find room for "just one more" dossier on Thursday and give us their approval.  If they do Nate could be traveling for our first trip in 3-4 weeks.  Which means our kids could be home by January or February.  If not, I'm not sure what the future holds.

So please pray for us!!  Send a message to the most Blessed Virgin Mother because I know she would like our children home too.  She is my rock (along with Him) in these trying times.  I have faith that our God is bigger than the paperwork and that all will happen on His timetable.  Please most gracious and powerful God guide me in what is good and true.  Help me abide in you.  Blessed Mother grant me peace.  Amen.

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