Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How we are getting ready for Marin

Our sweet Marin.  So much of my preparation is centered on Nellie's needs (since she is blind, non verbal, and not walking independently) but don't for a minute think Marin's needs are not on our list!!
Youngest picture we have of Marin.  I can't believe we missed this age!
Our Marin will be dealing with grief, a new language, a new home, and much more.  What is a family to this little one? We have much ground to cover, but some things I can plan for and set in motion.

First, this boy needs basic understanding of the Phoenician alphabet.  Jericho (6) is working on phonics and reading right now, so many resources and time will be devoted to this subject.  First step for Marin? Knowing his alphabet and the sounds the letters make, learning some sight words, enjoying being read aloud to (picture books).

In addition to phonics work we have decided that Marin needs a grounding in US history and specifically our New England history.  If he doesn't he will run the risk of missing so many references in our daily life (we are Yankees after all - history is everything).

I want to give Marin real world experiences.  So trips after he arrives will be (but not limited to):

  • Old North Church (One if by land, two if by sea)
  • Concord Bridge (The British are coming!)
  • Fenway Park (c'mon that is history - and the Futures at Fenway games are affordable)
  • New Bedford (or as we say, New Bedfid) Whaling Museum
  • The Boston Freedom Trail (which included the USS Constituion and Bunker Hill)
  • The Boston Black Heritage Trail
  • And the amazing Boston Museum of Science

Jericho took this picture.
Then we can come home and read about these things in easy picture books but he will have the basis for true literacy in English.  And it's fun!!

We want a Bulgarian student to come over and eat a roasted chicken and chit chat with our boy.  Luckily we have 5 colleges full of students!  Nate plans on getting some Bulgarian books when he's in Bulgaria for Marin to enjoy and to build our library of Bulgarian books (along with our Braille books :)).

And last I have been researching ways for Marin to play music (Jericho plays the violin, Gaelan is taking up the cello or piano in the Fall, and Lucas acts and sings in musical theater, Olive is just a ham).

Guitar maybe?
Violin like Jericho?

The sky is the limit!!

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