Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting tactile part two

Since I can't have my timing with this adoption (USCIS c'mon!!) I can focus on getting as many tactile/early learning activities read to go.  Luckily I have some willing test subjects.

Egg shell mosaics.  Clean out your egg shells, color them with food coloring (I used a plastic bag), let them dry in the sun.  Glue on paper.

Tactile sand (in this case salt) writing tray.  I put black construction paper in the bottom.  The kids can write letters or shapes.  I made it with an old Melissa and Doug box I had (the one the toys come in) but you could use a tray or cookie sheet.

This limbo is not what I want, nor what I think I need.  I've learned that what I want and what I think I need are usually in the wrong, tied up too tight in my limited perspective.  The Bulgarian government is not totally in place so even if we had our USCIS approval - we would still be waiting.  And we don't have all the funds to travel so this waiting time is giving us more time to fund-raise.

It is in His timing that I need to trust.  Please keep praying and supporting us.  Adoption is a long tough road but I wouldn't trade the opportunity to parent these two children for all the quick paperwork in the world!

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