Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting ready, making room: a partial house tour

My husband will tell you that moving furniture is a little hobby of mine.  Coming home for work is always an adventure!  The other day I totally re-organized the kitchen (it's great by the way) but he couldn't find the trash can or the pots and pans.  

With Nellie (and Marin) coming (c'mon USCIS!!!) I have been thinking about "space".  Mostly how Nellie will be able to use the space and explore her new world (she basically sits in her chair in the orphanage all day).  I wanted it to be small enough for her to feel safe, yet spread out enough to encourage her to explore while having some tactile reminders of where she is.

This is the view from our kitchen.  Our house is a contemporary with an open kitchen, dining, and this space all attached.  The living room is through the arch on the left and has our wood stove (which basically heats our house in the winter).
I've since taken out the playstand you see with the silk on top.  It was one too many things for my comfort.
I gave Nellie a rug to define her play space and to ground her since I think this may be her comfort zone when first arriving.  We can bring toys to her and sit and play with the warm sunlight streaming in.  She'll be right in the middle of all the action.
A cozy spot to make imaginative scenes and play.  I have a feeling this might be a stretch for her when first coming home.  I'm not sure she knows how animals and pesky little gnomes behave to fuel her imagination and in turn her play.  Lots of book reading is in order.  Lots of experiences. 
This bookshelf holds lots of tactile goodness.  Crystals, rocks, pine cones.  Each can become part of an animals habitat or good things cooking in the play kitchen.  The top baskets hold Jericho's knitting needles and finger knitting yarn.  The one of the right has Olive's wool and her small carders.
Nellie's beloved piano.  At the orphanage she totes around a small, electronic one.  I can't wait for her fingers to find this one!
The round table is great for doing art and tactile activities.  We use it daily.
Accessible kitchen tools.  Jericho has been making good use of them since I put them on display.  Never underestimate the power of having tools out and easy to grab.

I love that are toys are simple and many are free.  Almost all the toys you see we have had since Lucas was a baby (18 years!!)  Many I have made.

I'm sure I will tweak this set up a few more times before she arrives.  I can imagine Marin making good use of the kitchen tools (he loves helping at the orphanage).  I hope Nellie will soon learn to dust the piano and crack an egg.

Now that the kitchen and play area have been tackled it's on to the closets and upstairs!  Can anyone answer why I decided to do this in 90 degree heat?  I'm nuts I tell ya'.


  1. Hello, I'm a fellow EE adoptive-mom-in-waiting. I love your home! You are giving me some fantastic ideas on how to set our house up, and I am going to show my husband these photos and say "I want the house to look like this!" Our boy has CP, so I will need a small play area until his mobility improves. I will be following your blog, I enjoy your updates.

  2. Thank you JoLynn!! I'm glad you are here!