Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend things

Hear that sound?

That is the sound of our dossier speeding along at light speed into the hands of our adoption coordinator.  

FBI can you hear that?  Hurry those reports along will ya?

And Homeland Security.  Don't make me get rough with you (I'm just kidding HS, don't call out the troops)!
Handsome boy.  Look at that face!  He's going to be a heartbreaker.

Our wonderful friend Chris invited us to visit her neighbor's sheep on Sunday.  She has a small pond and a wonder dog.  A wonderful wonder dog.  A saving dog.  The dog saved the kids multiple times.  They were in perilous danger.  That is what we told her.  She did her job with duty and determination.  Such a smoochy kiss on the snout kinda dog (and we did!)

When I first started chatting with Chris after Mass one Saturday night back in the beginning (almost every event is situated on our adoption's timeline - beginning, pre homestudy, post homestudy) we had just started telling people we were adopting our sweet girl.  As I was letting it out of the bag to her (and at that point it did feel important to let it out in the open, testing the idea, if you will) I was just about to tell her our girl's name.  But then she started talking about her dog and we spoke over each other "Nellie".  Her wonder dog's name is Nellie.  Fashion that?

We had a wonderful visit.  Just perfect for a lazy, rainy Sunday.

The weekend started out with Kool Aide yarn dying and a raspberry - brown butter tart.  As all weekends should.  My kids were coughing and sputtering around the Kool Aide dust.  I told them I used to eat that stuff!  They couldn't believe it!

 I see another one of these in our future.  So dang good.

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