Saturday, May 11, 2013

Today is the day for....

Saturday at our house is the day for notarization of adoption documents (we were up and out early!) and puppy petting (outside the bank).  Mailing of said documents with registered status and dump drop off.  Browsing the free table for Christmas gifts for our 4, or will it be 6, precious children. Two, no three, drop offs of items at friend's houses.  A trip to the fabric store for baby bloomer fabric in plum with dots, or maybe we'll be crazy lucky and find plum with small flowers.  Plans written down for mother's day gardening projects (my gift from the boys).  Cooking, cleaning, bottom changing - as everyday.  Chubby cheek kissing, giggling, playing, and chasing Jericho.  Mass at 4:30 - a chance to rest?  Maybe, or maybe I'll be following Olive up and down the corridor while we visit Mother Mary and St. Francis.  I won't be alone.

But one thing never changes in our days.  The love.  Always the love.  We seek it and ooze it from every pore even in the worst of times.  Even with the teen who is pointing out our faults (again, and the list is so long!), or the cat who has puked on the rug.

Saturday is a good day in our house.  And it's the perfect day to find some love, listen to birdsong, sing a bird's song.  Find a new way to hold tight.  Make it a promise for today and follow tomorrow with the same.

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