Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hmmmmmmmmmm? Could it Be Pavement?

Between trips to the North Amherst Post Office and trying to actually understand the different parts of the adoption process (trying being the operative word), I have been working on adoption grant applications.

One question that is common to the applications is why we are adopting.

Unfortunately, it isn't that easy to sum up.

Sure, we fell in love with Nellie and Marin, and we know we can give them a great home and a whirlwind of a family that can take almost any handful of words and find a show-tune to connect them to (if you ask Jericho these days, "Where  ya goin'?"  he will almost certainly reply in a singing voice, "BAR-ce-LO-na......."), but it's hard to wrap that up with a bow.  How do I make sense of these non sequiturs that, when whisked together, make up our family and form the logic that explains why we are motivated to do things like adopt two children from Bulgaria?

I don't.  I start taking pictures instead.  

Because I really needed to write this blog post.  

Kim kept asking me to write one, but I was too busy not getting far working on the grant applications.  So when we went to visit a friend last weekend, and I knew it would provide a great photo opportunity that would make for a good blog post, I snapped off a bunch of photos.

But before I could write that blogpost, Kim had already bogarted my pictures and written one of her own (which will arrive soon).  This left me with the choice of mounting an offensive to regain the images or moving on to something else.  I chose to move on.

So then Jericho and I went outside one night to put out our Wine Cap mushroom spawn (yes, makes me want to eat mushrooms too - mmmmmmmmmmmmm - SPAWN!!!) into a garden bed of soaked straw.  It was right before dusk and afterward we were inside the house when suddenly Tubby, our delusions-of-grandeur fueled Corgi, began growling and barking at something on our porch through our sliding glass doors.  We went to quiet Tubby down/investigate and found our local raccoon eating our outside cat's cat food.

I wanted to get a picture of the racoon so I could use it for a blog post, but when I came back with a flashlight and the camera, the raccoon had just finished off the cat food and was leaving.  So instead I fired off a few shots and got these three images of something drawn on the sliding glass windows with window crayons.  The flashlight lighting and weird reflections are fun, although kinda  creepy looking, especially after getting a run through the Photoshop mill.

And that was fun and much less frustrating than not being able to write the applications, so I decided to steal  the photos back from Kim afterall,  but then obscured them so no one will know what they are until Kim's post comes out.

Hmmmmmmmmmm?  Could it be pavement?

Easter Island statue come to life eating lunch?  A beetle?

Maybe a Rorschach Test?  I see a Dia de los Muertos skull candy......
And I still don't know how to write WHY.  WHY WHY WHY.  It's kind of an odd question anyway.
  • We did it because it's the right thing to do.  
  • Because now we will almost be able to field a baseball team with our family.  
  • Because we love them - have you seen how adorable they are?  Trust me, the videos are even better. 
  • Because who wouldn't want them?
  • I mean what are we supposed to do, act like they aren't there?
So I still haven't found a way to explain that.  Back to the drawing board.

OK now it's just obvious that I'm still just killing time................................

And I still am........................

Well, Kim's post will be along soon so everyone can see what we did last weekend and I'll have this squared away any moment now................


  1. I am about to embark on the same journey. What to say? Will they get my sarcasm? Do they just want the regular answers so you don't look like a lunatic? Or would they find you creative if you said you thought paperwork stress made you feel rejuvenated? ;)

  2. Yes, it's hard to know what they want. I got stuck worrying about it and so had to let that go and just explain myself directly. I just keep reminding myself that I can't control how they respond anyway.