Friday, May 3, 2013

An invitation

There is a touching scene in Downton Abbey season 2 (oh, how I miss that show!)  Daisy, the kitchen maid, is fretting about visiting her late husband's father at his farm.  She married him (William) not because she was in love with him, but because he was so in love with her and he was dying.  When she finally visits her father-in-law and they sit down to tea he issues her an invitation.  "Will you be my daughter, will you let me take you into my heart and pray for you and make you special?"  Daisy is so taken aback by this invitation "I've never been special to anyone" and then she remembers "except William."

During the first visit to meet your adoptive child many parents present them with a small photo album of their future home and family.  I would like Marin's to be in the form of an invitation.  Nellie's will have to be tactile (and I'm compiling a Wonderbaby article on that right now) but Marin is older, and I think a bit of requesting permission to turn his world upside down is in order.

I imagine it as something like this (in Bulgarian):

Dear Marin,

We would like to be your parents.

Would you let us take you into our home and make it your home?
Would you share the love of your three brothers?

Would you give and get hugs and kisses from your two sisters?
Would you let us celebrate your birthdays with you with cake and presents?

Will you let us take you to the best city on earth (Boston)?  Will you let us show you all the fun at Boston's Museum of Science?

Will you learn and love and laugh with us dear Marin?

Would you come and laugh and love with us Marin?

When I think of it this way, I am just amazed that we have been given this opportunity to love these two children.  That we have been given the opportunity to take them into our hearts and make them special.  William's dad knew what a pleasure and privilege that was; how it enriches your life in no other way.  We are so dearly blessed to be presented with this and thank God for it.

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