Monday, April 29, 2013

Too much stuff

We had the second of our tag sales this weekend.  It was lovely.  So many people cleaned out their basements and garages and donated their stuff to us.  The weather was perfect and we got a lot of traffic.

A woman came who was originally from Cape Verde.  Her family and friends still live there.  She describes it as beautiful but very poor since their is no economy.  She rents shipping barrels (waist high) and sends whatever she can find back to her islands.  I gave her pair after pair of soccer cleats, she said the children play soccer barefoot.  Barefoot could be nice or very painful depending on where you play it.  We still had many pairs left.

A man came and asked prices.  First he thoughtfully read our poster with Nellie and Marin's pictures and story..  When I said "$5" he said "will you take $20?" and so on.  How generous!  His girlfriend had seen us in the paper and was moved by our story.  We were moved by his generosity.

And after two yard sales totaling 4 days - we still have a driveway full of stuff.  Which leads me to my point - we all have too much stuff.

Kids playing soccer without shoes?  Children in orphanages while we complain we "just can't afford to adopt".  Organizations getting their budgets cut and begging for volunteers.  Something is wrong with this scenario.

Now I will leave this post hanging so Nate can update us on the finances which I never look at because they are too overwhelming.  I just keep my eyes on my prizes and keep praying.  It's the only thing that truly ever works.


And before I forget - besides all of the material waste that was evident, what could we all do with the time we spend shopping?  If everyone volunteered instead of shopped it would have a massive positive impact on our communities.  

Back to the finances - it was a successful weekend.  We raised money with our yard sale, received two unexpected donations, and sold some of the items we got for our yard sale on eBay.  So (imagine drum-roll in your head) we raised:

Tag sale: $891.30
Donations: $  80.00
eBay: $185.98

For a total from this past weekend of $1157.28, and a grand total of $12,828.91 since we started this!!! 

And to add to Kimmy's story, the gentleman who bought the $5 item for $20 then proceeded to come back and offer us $100 for a cappuccino machine that we were asking $60 for.  I'm assuming he has a chihuahua or perhaps a toy poodle.

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