Friday, April 19, 2013

Not Shipping Up to Boston

Red Sox games are eventful for us.

The first one we went to with the kids (it was only Lucas and Gaelan then) was a no-hitter that Derek Lowe threw.  I was busy keeping kids entertained and was glad that the game was so brief, since neither they nor Kim had much tolerance for a baseball game.  Kim still doesn't.
A Younger Gaelan Being Very...
Consistent With His Grimace...
On A Tour of Fenway Park
Then a couple years ago, while Kim was pregnant with Olive, we went to a game that included a magnificent view from the center field bleachers of a thunder and lightning storm sweeping over the city and heading right at Fenway. 

Lightning Re-enactment
 After sitting out a rain delay for what seemed like the length of the baseball game, we had to get little Jericho and pregnant Kim and the soggy rest of us home.  By the time we managed to get back to the car at Alewife station, start driving home, and turn on the radio, the game resumed.  I don't remember who won.

Jericho's Face Explains How He Feels About Sitting Through A Baseball Game

So, it seemed fitting, that on April 19th I would show up at work to find out that greater Boston was under strict orders to "Shelter in Place", and no trains were going from Alewife station to anywhere.  

"One Watertown.....this will all be wrapped up by noon at the latest," I remember thinking.

"The best-laid schemes o mice an men /Gang aft agley..."

Fenway From the Green Monster
So we spent tonight waiting to find out when/if they were going to capture the suspect (they did three hours ago!) and when the game would be rescheduled to.  We still don't know about the game - maybe Sunday?  Maybe July 1st?

So this was one of those weeks that vacillated between surreal and bizarre and terrifying and then back to surreal for good measure.  Its the kind of week that puts life in perspective.  

Waiting on paperwork or filling out grant applications - not as bad as explosions and carnage and death.  It's just not that bad.  

Futures at Fenway Game:  Jericho & I Spent Much Time Trying
to Get a Photo-Op With Wally.  In the 7th Inning of the first
 game Jericho began repeating quite loudly, "This is boring...."
My kids can do things to drive me crazy (mostly because they remind me of myself), but none of them hates life so much that they want to blow anybody up.

My kids are alive, my wife is alive, we're all in one piece.

I'm waiting on my other kids in Bulgaria and that is awful in many ways, but they will make it here.  And as the week also shows, I can't control it (and many other things in life) anyway.  

And when these two cute kiddos finally do arrive, with the four kids here now plus me and Kim, we'll only be one person short of fielding our own baseball team.  Now that is good news.

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