Monday, April 8, 2013

Money Money Money

Any time I can reference ABBA you know it's going to be a great blog post.  If I could only flip that first "B".

So over the weekend we had a yard sale and another silent auction.  The silent auction, which in many ways was a "bridge auction" (thank you Theo Epstein) between the first pre-realforsure auction at the Newman Center and the upcoming online Mother's Day and Father's Day auctions, raised $305.  The yard sale, which had a strong first day on Friday afternoon but a cold and windy second day, earned $535.  We still have more to sell in another yard sale and more goods waiting to be donated.  Our basement is a little less packed now and we got plenty of exercise dragging things out and putting them away again.

With this past weekend, donations, selling of items on Ebay and Amazon, and previous auctions, we have raised a total of $11,083.94.  So far we have spent $7031.00.  

It is good that we haven't spent it all  because we have big expenses upcoming.  Once our homestudy is written up and becomes part of our dossier, it will go to Bulgaria.  We will need $7500 to finalize that.  Then there will be travelling expenses such as flights (this month are $1100 or so, if I look to June, it goes up to $1500), food, lodging, etc.  I travel light, I'll keep it cheap.

Another expense is $460 for visas that are filed on the first trip.  The I800 paperwork is filed after the first trip and will cost us  $975.  

Needless to say, we are ramping up the fundraising.  The Mother's Day and Father's Day auctions are looking really good and getting better, and we are also starting to apply for grants (they can't be sent in until the home study is completed - although we're starting to fill out paperwork now).

So thank you to all who have supported us in words and thoughts and donations of all kind.  We're more than 1/3 of the way there and we're not slowing down!

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