Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How we got here

Everyone who adopts has a "we always knew we wanted to adopt" story or so it seems.

We also knew we wanted to adopt for many years.  God placed little reminders in our path.  The little Chinese girl in a church we attended (and then stopped attending) when Lucas was only 2.  Her name was Kim if you can believe it (my name is Kim).  There were all of the children I saw in family therapy.  Then my supervisor was an adoptive mother of two children.

Then the year after we had Olive Ann I had some recuperating to do (she was a surgical birth).  I found a blog called The Blessing of Verity.  I couldn't pull my eyes away as I watched the blog's author adopt Katie, who was found in an orphanage in Bulgarian at age 9 weighing 11 pounds.   Yes, you read that right.

And by reading her blog I found a link to a BBC documentary called Bulgaria's Abandoned Children.  (Please DO NOT watch with children, do not watch if you are having a rough day - enough said?)  I fell in love with each and every child in that video.  But the child who took my heart was a tiny little blind boy (who was really 10 years old).  God had him take my heart.  Then he took Nate's heart. That was when we knew it was time to act.  All these children never got a family while we were waiting for "the right time".  I was exasperated with our waiting.

God loves to up the ante, so the next day child number one newly listed on Reece's Rainbow was our Nellie.  Fireworks please!

God knows just how to do these things (which he will remind me of next week when I'm fretting about how long this adoption is taking).  There was no doubt in our mind that Nellie was meant to be ours and that God has his hands all over this adoption and would open the doors to get her home.

We started fundraising and immediately got responses.  A local comedy group (The Ha Ha's) volunteered to perform at our silent auction.  A newspaper did a story.  And so it goes.

Then we had that nagging feeling.  Something was missing.  When we started this adoption we were open to a second child but none had spoken to us (and I was obsessively checking Reece's Rainbow).  Nate had a dream about a boy with one arm and then I had a dream.  We mentioned in to our adoption coordinator and she showed us this.

Cuteness in a sailor suit!  And you know what?  I still wasn't sure!! (I can see God just tapping his foot and sighing).  Then we saw a video of him romping around and THEN I saw the boy from my dreams.  And love has just grown big and sloppy ever since.

We have pictures of these two all over the house.  It makes me feel like they are "here" with us.  I can imagine they are.

 "Toast, Nell-bell?"

 "That's too much ketchup Marin-boo!"

And Jericho and Marin?  Batman and Robin?  Killers of all that is breakable?  Masters of exasperation and parental time outs for sanity?  Yes, we love you!!!

Next year, two extra bunnies will be hid in the yard!

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