Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting tactile during limbo

We are in limbo.  The homestudy is done (and we have verbal approval), the silent auction is done, the paperwork is mostly done (waiting for the written homestudy for more paperwork).  We are resting and planning and starting to think about our garden.  And it's "spring" in New England.

Like I said we are in limbo.

Limbo is a bit dangerous for this Mama, I have a tendency to obsess when I don't have a project.  I've been obsessing about my newest children.  Mostly about their health and well-being.  Lately I've been researching and deciding how I'd like to homeschool them.  We are a literature rich household and I'm concerned how to share my love of books with my newest loves.

Nellie and Marin have been institutionalized since birth.  No braille instruction (for Nellie), no trips to the farm, the zoo, the park.  No  pre-literacy work.  Not even a rich tactile environment.  I aim to change all that.

Olive and I have been experimenting with ways to play in a more "tactile" way.  We've also ordered way too many books from The Braille Institute.  Ferdinand, Thundercake, and my all time favorite The Seven Silly Eaters.  Clearly I have to join their Braille Book Club.

And Marin will be reading and writing in Bulgarian's Cyrillic alphabet.  How will he enjoy our pre-bed reading fest?  We've decided Legos are a shared language; so are puzzles and hikes in the woods.  At the playground the other day I kept wondering if he would like the swings more than the slide or basketball over soccer.  I keep wondering how I will keep up with all of them.

We ordered more maple syrup in anticipation of more children eating pancakes.  We are streamlining our menu plan.  We are searching through thread bare hand me downs that we have kept way past their rag stage (local friends please remember us when cleaning out your kid's closets.)

We are praying and waiting and dreaming.  Limbo stage is hard but being in love with our two newest children is the balm for that wound.

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