Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cooking inspiration

While I am revamping our meal plan, which I do periodically it seems, I'm looking for new recipes and inspiration.  Smitten Kitchen is a favorite.  When I pick up a new cookbook I can tell within minutes if it will be a keeper or a dust collector.  I love cookbooks that give me a hint of the new and different without making me feel I have to break the bank or stock an entirely new pantry.

I have on tap for the week: Spinach and smashed egg (GF) toast, lentil and chickpea salad with feta and tahini, latkes and fried eggs (I think this is in the book), and for my son's 18th birthday (!!) - meatloaves (tiny ones) with brown butter mashed potatoes (also in the book).

Just enough to liven up the morning and evening routines.  I have also been experimenting with double cooking, which basically just translates into me roasting two chickens at a time and having blackened chicken the next night for supper.  Or making a mess of (GF) spaghetti and then making it into a "fried" mass the next night with olives and garlic kale.  I basically hate casseroles or any dairy intensive meals so this works better than freezer cooking for our family.  I just need to start making bigger meals (soon to be 6 kids!!)

The Carefree Clothes for Girl's book is my newest inspiration for how I will do literacy with Nellie.  Lots of reading and then expanding on the story.  My way of expanding is eating (big surprise) and dressing up.  So I'm making pinafores and basic dresses.  White for St. Lucia day next year and mustard yellow for The Princess in the Forest.  We also take lots of trips to expand the story.  We just got a braille copy of Ferdinand so I need to find a bull to befriend.

And the last book, The Fault in our Stars, was on KA facebook feed.  She liked it and I like her so I hope it will be a good read.  I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy - reading in tandem with my oldest boys. I really liked it and I didn't think I would.  It was almost comical to watch us all try to snatch the book away when the other's weren't watching to get in an extra chapter.  I lost more than I won, but I'm finally getting to the end.  I don't have any interest in the movie because it usually spoils the characters in my head.  I'll leave that to my boys to watch, they have far better imaginations.

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