Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Science kits

As we get closer and closer to travel for first trip, I am thinking more and more of actual real live kids being here and in our home.  I'm thinking of ways to expand on the knowledge they have and fill in the gaps in ways that are fun and soothing.  I think soothing might be my new favorite word.  I think our newest children will need lots of ways to cope with the immense changes they will be going through and I will need activities so I can make supper without the house descending into chaos.

We call these "science kits".  Basically they are just a whole lot of ingredients given to play with and make fizz and bubble.  A non toxic and language rich activity for my second language learners.  "The yellow is fizzing and popping, the blue is swirling....."  you get the picture.  Of course if I spend the time talking about all that is going on supper might not get made.  My new favorite?  Blackened catfish with broccoli rapini!

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