Monday, March 11, 2013

What They Offer Us

Many people and professionals like to inquire about what we will be able to offer these kids.  They share our happiness about being able to offer our newest children a safe and loving home, access to medical care, educational opportunities, and siblings for life. But then I wonder, what will they offer us?

We've been working on our home study and so much of it seems focused on what we can offer. I find myself during the day imagining what it will be like to take them to some of our favorite places. We went to the Boston Museum of Science and I wondered what kind of fish Marin would design with the fish simulator.

The Fish Simulator: Tagging the Fish

We went to the Beneski Museum of Natural History and I wondered what it would be like for Nellie to touch the fossils and dinosaur footprints. 

Tromping through the forest this weekend with Jericho, I was thinking about Marin and Nellie enjoying our woods, playing in our yard, and enjoying (or being terrified by) our pets. Then it struck me, they will come with their own fears and feelings and they will also come with outlooks and experiences that just might change how I see the world.  

They will bring us their own thoughts and feelings and perspectives. Their sense of humor. Their creative spark. They bring with them the things that make them them, just like everyone else in the family. They might teach me to be more appreciative of the things I take for granted. Things like family, food, clothing, and abundant love.

Colorful Nellie

Nellie likes to hum and play her piano - how will she make music in a way the rest of us don't?  What sounds will she like to create? What has her lonely heart been aching to express?  

Marin Looking Very Homer Price
Marin looks (and from what we read about him sounds) very playful.  What games will he like to play?  Will he teach us to be kinder to each other? What would he like to build in the woods? What has he dreamed of becoming?  How will he conspire with Jericho to take over the house?

So while I think about what we have much to offer Marin and Nellie, and I am grateful (on my good day) that I can offer them many things.  I am taking pause to remember that they have much to offer us in return. I can't wait (and am getting impatient waiting) to meet them and get to know them, letting them into our lives and letting us into theirs.

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