Monday, March 18, 2013

Fundraising & Expenses Update

So our silent auction Saturday raised $3212.02, and donations via this blog Friday, Saturday and Sunday came in at the amazingly high total of $1825.00.  $5037.02 in one weekend (with tons of work in advance of said weekend - we may be tired for a month).  Our total fund raising thus far is over $10,000, we're 1/3 of the way there.

Next up is our super colossal tag sale, but we'll have to wait for the weather to improve for that to happen, which is looking more and more like it will not happen this month.

So what has this bought us (and that means all of us since so many people have donated)?

Application fee for Home Study agency: $250
Fee from Home Study agency: $2,250 
Commitment fee with Adoption Agency: $3,500 (holds the kiddos for us for six months while we get our paperwork together)
Birth certificates (3 certified copies each for all five of us): $201
Marriage certificate (3 certified copies of the short form, then 3 copies of the long form which is needed for Bulgaria): $166
Notarizations so far: $55
Application for passports for Kim and Nate: $291
Fingerprinting and FBI background check for Kim, Nate & Lucas (he's almost 18): $150

Well water test (passed with flying colors): $95
Rhode Island Child Abuse & Neglect Check (the only state of those we've lived in that charges for this): $13

For a grand total so far of $6971. We  have many expenses coming up, once the home study is done and we move to the dossier phase of the adoption. The expense for completing the dossier is $7500, then next up is the first trip to Bulgaria!!!  

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