Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can we see them?

I think when we look at these pictures of waiting children it's can be very hard for us to look past the prison haircut and well worn clothing.  The deficits.  The missing pieces.

Adoption is like taking a chance, leaping in faith, and walking a different path.  When we look at Sutter above, we know very little and we make many assumptions.

But can we really SEE Sutter?  Can we take a moment to get past the outer wrapping?  Or the questions and fear that we have?  Can we live with the uncertainty?  Can we stop assuming our family will be perfect, with perfect neurotypical type kids all looking like their parents?

Sutter is 15, he will be aging out soon.  That means his chance to be loved by a family will be gone and he will live in an institution for the rest of his life.  Can our fears really be as bad as that?

So I ask again can we really SEE Sutter?

Can we see him watching a baseball game with a flaming red Red Sox cap on?  Sitting next to his father and siblings.  Can we see him talking about his favorite movie?  How about blowing out his birthday candles? How about crying in the night over what he has lost?  How about becoming an adult who visits on Sundays?

Can we see Sutter as God sees him, perfectly whole and made to love.  Do we know God sees us as such? Do we remember this on a daily basis?

Let us make it our mission to help people see Sutter and our Nellie and our Marin.  See them as whole and beautflul.  Like I hope they strive to see me.  And if we feel at all called to adopt, know that sometimes, like seeing another, it is putting one foot in front of the other and trusting.


  1. Amen and Amen, this is so so is a leap of faith. He is gorgeous! Looks like a cuddlebug!

    1. Right? What a wonderful son and brother he will be!