Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Would you like to know where your little Fifi is?

My 2nd and 3rd sons and I have been on a Far Side kick recently. Two days ago my youngest son (the 3rd one) was repeating Death's joke from this one:

There is never a dull moment with kids, which is one of the major bonuses of having them. 

But I've been getting the unsettling feeling that while many, many people have kids, not all of these "havers" are very enthusiastic about the children's existence. This feeling has been coming over me when I see peoples' reaction to us wanting to have a big family. 

"But what about you and your lives?" they either hint at, state openly, or suggest with their worried looks, concerned for the parents' (our) well-being.

Apparently the only route to true human happiness is to do things all by your lonesome and not get bogged down with the wants, needs, or input of other human beings. Which is what all major religions teach, I'm pretty sure: 

"And yeah the Lord appeared before them and spoke saying, 'Fuhgedabout you bald monkeys and your world, I need some space - this is ME time now!!!' Then did the Almighty retireth to another solar system to play marbles with the planets therein." (Second Book of Ego, 3:4-7)
This "all about me" is good for many things, such as consumerism, but actually makes little sense for humans, who are social animals. Being  social and connecting with other people is not only instinctive, it is a great substitute for many social ills, such as spending the weekend buying poorly constructed things you don't need at giant stores trying to wipe out your local businesses.

And if you're like us and like to take things such as being social to an extreme, you have four kids and adopt more. Not only because, as our friend likes to point out, they are a treasure in your old age,but because they are also treasures right here and now who share funny comics such as this one (another favorite) with us:

So yes, I could have more time to search the internet for Far Side comics if I had fewer kids, or go shopping for the perfect Valentine's Day lawn decoration, but I think that is boring. 

It is work having kids. I do devote most of my time to them. And I know getting more means more work for me.  This doesn't make me a saint, nor does it mean I am crazy.  Well,  a little crazy - but it's good crazy.

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