Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter in Moominland

Nate here.....

You may have heard about a storm that came through here called "Nemo". Now, yes, we got two feet of snow, but didn't lose  power thankfully. This is probably because the weak trees already came down during the hurricane, the tornado, the freak October snow storm, or the other hurricane.

More importantly, what kind of a name for a dangerous storm is "Nemo"?  The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea reference is overshadowed by the clown fish, making it plain bad marketing.  This is Massachusetts, Weather Channel!!!  (yes, that's the body that named it) Call it "Ahab" or "Moby" if you must get nautical.

But more importantly, I did take photos of the mounds of snow. But they are on another computer I don't have access to, so I'm posting Moomin images instead.

If you don't know the Moomins and Mr. Brisk, you really need to get some of the books.  I prefer the comics.

My wife keeps mentioning that now she knows why she was told that adoption is not for the faint of heart.  Not only is it hard to know that our daughter is an 18 hour flight (with layovers) away and we can't bring her home yet, but we have to grind our way through paperwork and bureaucracy.  Running hither and thither with copies of this form and that, getting them notarized and wondering if we filled something out wrong and will only find out about in three months and have to start all over again.  The last one is more fear than reality, but you get my point.  It is very UNCERTAIN.  And then I find the strangest inspiration:

All because I forgot to get the photos. Too Ticky is not exactly JC, but she is a first rate bo'sun. There's a nautical/carpenter connection for you.

So I'm just going to keep begging for donations for our silent auction (latest item - free bowling [including shoe rental] with pizza and soda for 6!), signing paperwork (I pretend it's the mortgage, I just close my eyes and sign), and trusting that it will all work out.  And I know that it has always been ready to work out, if I just have faith and let it.

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