Thursday, February 14, 2013

The process so far...

The process so far….
·         2/1/12 I start to read blogs by mothers who have adopted from Bulgaria.
·         5/1/12 I watch the BBC documentary Bulgaria's Abandoned Children on YouTube. We fall in love with a little blind boy in the video.   We ask the director of Reece's Rainbow to find him.  No luck.  Another precious child grew up without a family.  Our decade long call to adopt turns into a SHOUT from God! 
·         12/10/12  God presents an example of incredible generosity: our church’s giving tree. 
·         12/12/12  We start watching Reece's Rainbow for kids we think we might adopt.  Nate responds to my emails with pictures of cute kids with lukewarm interest.  None seem quite right. 
·         12/20/12  We pray and pray.  God lets us know that an older girl would be right for our family.
·         12/21/12  God presents us with N on Reece's Rainbow  I email the director immediately.  The same day our adoption coordinator Shelley sends us pictures and a psychological report on N.  Our precious daughter!  There is no doubt in our minds. 
·         12/25/12 I share my heart with my best friend and children's Godmother.  She encourages me.
·         12/29/12  We started writing flyers and brainstorming fundraising ideas. 
·         1/1/13  The Ha Ha's (a local comedy improv group) offer to do a benefit at our silent auction. People start offering items. Friends offer help.
·         1/3/13  A woman I don't know, inspired by our story on Facebook, wants to donate.
·         1/6/13  After a message to the homeschooling group donations start arriving for our tag sales.  My best friend talks to her homeschooling group and people send items that they could have sold but want me to sell for N's adoption.
·         1/10/13 We sign up with About A Child adoption agency.
·         1/11/13  Another friend (member of the Ha Ha's) gets me to get connected via Blog/Facebook/GoFundMe/Paypal.  Giving people multiple ways to be supportive.  Donations start arriving.  God is moving mountains.
·         1/13/13  We set the date for the silent auction. March 16th from 1-3 at the Newman Center.  We book the center.
·         1/14/13  Diane Lederman from the Springfield Republican does a story on us and our love for N.

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