Thursday, February 14, 2013

The process continued...

1/20/13 People start giving car loads of items to our tag sale.  I put the best on Ebay and we start making money that way
1/25/13  Our priest says he would like to put our flyer in our newsletter.
1/26/13  The Hampshire Gazette interviews us for a story.
2/1/13 The newsletter is out, our church includes our family in their prayers, people we have never met encourage us, pray for us, and send donations.
2/13/13 Our Springfield Republican story comes out online and in print.
2/14/13 We commit to ANOTHER child to come home with Nellie!  (details to follow...)


  1. Oh my gosh! Seriously?! Congratulations!

  2. So happy for your family! We went through the whole process last year and brought our little girl home last month. The whole journey is so amazing. I'll be following and praying along throughout your adoption of your new children!

    1. Sabrina - we welcome your prayers! Thank you!