Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Finances

My husband  The greatest person I've ever known Nate writes (and edits) today:

No fiscal cliffs or sequesters here people, although I am thinking of not paying for things I've already purchased on credit and trying to pitch it to the larger world as a bold move for fiscal responsibility.

It is noteworthy that right now it is warmer in Leverett by an entire degree than in Sofia,  Bulgaria, which usually isn't the case.

This post is late because I have  been busy working on consulting work that began to pile up as soon as we committed to adopting. This work is unpredictable and we really needed it to  help us with adoption expenses and it just appeared - kind of like Nellie and Marin.

Financial report UPDATE as of February 15, 2013

As of the 2/1/2013, we had raised a total of $1,941.15.

Since then we have earned:

From Ebay/Amazon Selling:  $259.63

Donations to FoFundMe: $550.00

Cash/Checks: $200.00

For a NEW grand total of $2950.78

That's a little over $1000 in two weeks!!!  

Next up is our Silent Auction on March 16th.  There will be more information on some of the great items for auction that day coming up over the next few weeks.

Thanks to all who contributed so far!

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