Friday, February 1, 2013

No One's Getting Mahatmaed Here & Financial Update

My husband  better half Nate writes (and edits) today:

Before I go into the financial update, I just want to make one major point about our adoption. 

People keep telling me that what we are doing is so great and we are going above and beyond the call of duty, as it were. While this is nice, it isn't really true. I mean, it is great to take this beautiful child out of an institution and give her a home and a family, I'll grant you that. And it is sweet that people are so supportive of this decision.

Kim and Nate as children - oh no wait, that's Olive dressed 
up foFiddler on the Roof Nate in an odd hat.
But, it isn't really so spectacular or amazing or Gandhi-esque that people should start calling Kim or me Mahatma (not that I'd stop them - it would be rude to dampen their spirits, don't you think?) This act isn't so terribly amazing for three major reasons:

First, anyone could do it. We are just raising money (which people are willing to give) grinding through bureaucracy, and taking care of a child. Yes, she has "special needs" - but plenty of people have their own children who have "special needs" and as far as I know it isn't common practice to tell them how brave they are for taking on the responsibility of raising their own offspring despite the fact that they are considered different. They just do it, and so will we.

Second, it took us a long time to get to this decision. We've been talking about adopting for twenty years and I know that as of four years ago I wouldn't have adopted a special needs child, I thought it was a bit far out.  Kim has always been more enlightened (more Mahatmaed?) about this, but I haven't. 

I had to read about other people doing it and learn about  the atrocious conditions of the orphanages and the absolutely retrograde attitude towards differently-abled folks, plus how marginalized the Romani are before I even began to seriously consider it. Then I had to get over, "Golly, it sure would be weird to beg for money to adopt a kid and I don't want to do that, I mean, what about me?"  

So trust me, I ain't no saint.

Finally, we get this kid.  Have you seen her? She's beautiful. She even likes music, and you can never  have too many singers in the house. So, how is that an act of bravery or a major sacrifice?

Anyway, people have been universally kind and supportive and I appreciate all of the love, but we all do things like this in one way or the other, pretty much every day of our lives. We all choose to care about someone else when we could be apathetic. We give when we could be stingy. 

It's not about being amazing, it's about being human.

Financial report UPDATE as of February 1, 2013

As of the 1/15/2013, we had raised a total of $1,256.87.

Since then we have earned:

From Ebay/Amazon Selling:  $279.28

Donations to FoFundMe: $50.00

Cash/Checks: $100.00

Raffle donations: $210***

For a NEW grand total of $1941.15

Thanks to all who contributed so far!

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