Monday, January 21, 2013

Reading stacks - long weekend edition

Reading stacks around the house right now.  Hoping to actually read the books on this drippy Monday in New England.

My stack:

Books on the Romani people (N is Romani) and Mother Teresa.  Really they work well together.  One gets me all worked up and the other calms me down.  I sent Ian Hancock (We are the Romani People)  an email about our beautiful daughter.  Did you know that in Bulgaria 60% of all institutionalized children are Roma?  This is my beautiful brown daughter we are talking about.

I probably should have included my book and supplies for my Beginning Braille course.  But then I would be fibbing, since I've hardly had time to look at it.  My son Jericho has made rows upon rows of dots with the stylus and cell writer.

Reading to my children pile:

Jericho came downstairs the other day with a stack of Moomin books and Little Women (he's six).  We settled on Moomins.  Little Women will have to wait.

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