Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pajamaed is the new black

I find myself thinking a lot these days about clothing for N.  Would purple or pink look better against that beautiful brown skin and sweet eyes?  Pajamas - soft and cotton are a must.  A slathering of sweet smelling lotion after a warm bath.  A soft, fluffy towel.

In addition to being a love-seeker I am a lover of freshly bathed and pajamaed kids.  Sitting on my big bed waiting for a bedtime story (or five) and a snuggle.  Fresh sheets are a plus.  Sometimes we have tea with honey.  A candle to set the mood.

These will all be firsts for N.  She's never owned clothes, and certainly didn't get the experience of choosing her favorites. A mother or father has never seen to her most flattering colors, or the feel of the material on her skin.

These small things we take for granted every day will be my pleasure to provide for our daughter.  Even on my worse, cranky, tired-to-the-bone days I still love bedtime snuggles. Every night that I sit with my little ones in our big bed, I think about N.  I think about kissing her toasty cheeks, drying her soft, brown hair, and feeling her little feet against my shins.

So searching Ebay is a new favorite pastime.  Size 110 in Hanna Andersson.  Cotton and soft are keywords.  Purple would suit her complexion, flowers would make her happy.  Even though she can't see the care I take in picking out her outfits, I dearly hope she can feel the love in the fabric.

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